In the location of Yudiya there are 37 seeds of Mokoko. In our guide you will find the location and methods of obtaining Mokoko seeds. To get some seeds wet in the dungeons, you will need to destroy the walls, use leverage and tidy up in every way. More details below.

Other Mococo seed maps:

Salt desert

9/9 mokoko.

Mokoko seeds Salt desert Yulia

Moraine Ruins

11/11 mokoko. The entrance to the dungeon is located in the Salt desert location. To get some seeds, you must first destroy all the mobs, then break a stone in the doorway. Also pay attention to where the monsters come to you, in some places to collect Mokoko seeds you need to go down from where the mobs came running.

Mokoko seeds Moraine Ruins Yulia

Zun’Gar Canyon

8/8 mokoko.

Mokoko seeds Zun’Gar Canyon Yulia

Bastard karst

9/9 mokoko. The entrance to the dungeon is located in Zun’Gar Canyon. To obtain mokoko seeds in the center, two levers must be activated, the leverage locations are marked in yellow, as soon as the levers are activated, the torches light up where the character is on the map and between them you can go to mokoko.

Mokoko seeds Bastard karst Yulia