There are 57 mococo seeds in the Shushire location. 55 seeds can be obtained immediately by passing the story quest, for the remaining 2 mococo you will need to return after studying the Forest Balada, described in more detail below.

Other Mococo seed maps:

Frozen Sea

9/9 mococo.

Mococo seeds Frozen Sea Shushire

Rigens Village

7/7 mococo.

Mococo seeds Rigens Village Shushire

Bitterwind Hill

9/9 mococo.

Mococo seeds Bitterwind Hill Shushire

Iceblood Plateau

9/9 mococo.

Mococo seeds Iceblood Plateau Shushire

Frostpeak Temple

3/3 mococo. The entrance to the dungeon is in the Iceblood Plateau area. To get the second mococo, you need to open the gate with the lever under the stairs. To get the third mococo, you need to destroy all the ice floes on the way, after all the ice floes are destroyed, a teleport in the yellow circle will open.

Mococo seeds Frostpeak Temple Shushire

Lake Eternity

7/9 mococo. Two seeds require Forest Balada, the location of these seeds is indicated by a yellow circle.

Mococo seeds Lake Eternity Shushire

Vrad's Hideout

5/5 mococo. The entrance to the dungeon is in the Lake Eternity area

Mococo seeds Vrad's Hideout Shushire

Icewing Heights

6/6 mococo.

Mococo seeds Icewing Heights Shushire