In Anyshu location, there is 72 Mokoko seed. 70 seeds can be obtained immediately by completing the story quest, for the remaining 2 you will need to return wet after studying the Forest Ballad, described in more detail below.

Other Mococo seed maps:

Azure harbor

4/4 mococo.

Mococo Seeds Azure harbor Anyshu


4/4 mococo.

Mococo Seeds Daifeng Anyshu

House Full Moon

10/10 mococo. Dange is located in Daifeng.

Mococo Seeds House Full Moon Anyshu

Rattan forest

8/10 mococo. To get x3 mokoko you need to climb higher to the stones above the barricades, the character himself will jump over the stones. To get two mokokos, you will need the Forest ballad, the character on the map below is in the area where you need to perform the ballad.

Mococo Seeds Rattan forest Anyshu

Lotus School

7/7 mococo. To obtain seeds, in some places it will be necessary to destroy chests and urns, this can only be done after the area from monsters near this place has been cleared.

Mococo Seeds Lotus School Anyshu

Ringing groves

8/8 mococo.

Mococo Seeds Ringing groves Anyshu

Gray rocks

7/7 mococo. The entrance to the dungeon is located in the Ringing groves location. To get x2 seeds, mokok needs to destroy the barrier and jump over the cliff.

Mococo Seeds Gray rocks Anyshu

Hazy Ridges

10/10 mococo.

Mococo Seeds Hazy Ridges Anyshu

Circle of Two Beginnings

5/5 mococo. The entrance to the dungeon is located in the Hazy Ridges location.

Mococo Seeds Circle of Two Beginnings Anyshu

Quiet valley

7/7 mococo. To get 2 mokok that are in the dark zone, you need to go through the clouds, the entrances to the clouds are indicated by a red dot.

Mococo Seeds Quiet valley Anyshu