The Islands have a total of 127 mococo seeds. Finding some of the mococo seeds will require you to complete some steps, see this guide for more details.

Other Mococo seed maps:

Coast of fortune

2/2 mococo. To get seeds, you need to climb the vine, this can be done only after the destruction of the golden urn that appears about once every 10 minutes next to the rise.

Mococo seeds Coast of fortune Shushire


2/2 mococo.

Mococo seeds Afares Shushire

Sunflower island

1/3 mococo. To get two more mococo you will need Lesnaya Balada.

Mococo seeds Sunflower island Shushire

Cruise ship "Paradise waves"

5/5 mococo. The first mococo is in the Shipyard. 3 more are on the deck, to get the top mococo you need to enter the doors marked with a red dot. And the last mococo is in the captain's cockpit.

Mococo seeds Cruise ship Mococo seeds Cruise ship Mococo seeds Cruise ship

Land of shooting stars

4/4 mococo.

Mococo seeds Land of shooting stars Shushire