East Luterra has 127 Mokoko seeds. 125 seeds can be obtained immediately by going through the story quest, for the remaining 2, you will need to come back wet after studying the Forest Minuet, described in more detail below.

Other Mococo seed maps:

We recommend collecting mococo with Adventurer's Tome. Look out for monsters and hidden stories.

Luterra Castle

10/10 mococo. To get all the seeds you need to go into 3 buildings. On the main map, the entrance to the building is surrounded by a yellow circle, below the main map there are 3 more screenshots of individual buildings with exact coordinates

Mococo Seeds Luterra Castle East Luterra Mococo Seeds Luterra Castle East Luterra Mococo Seeds Luterra Castle East Luterra Mococo Seeds Luterra Castle East Luterra

Dyorika Plain

11/11 mococo.

Mococo Seeds Dyorika Plain East Luterra

Sunbright Hill

10/10 mococo.

Mococo Seeds Sunbright Hill East Luterra

Lastra Forest

10/10 mococo. The dungeon is in the location of Sunbright Hill. The first 7 mokoko seeds are in the first location of the dungeon, the last 3 mokoko in the second part of the dungeon. Both of the screenshot with the coordinates of the seeds can be found below. In the first locations to muster 4 mokoko in dark zone, need after second at the gate wind back right.

Mococo Seeds Lastra Forest East Luterra Mococo Seeds Lastra Forest East Luterra

Flowering Orchard

10/10 mococo.

Mococo Seeds Flowering Orchard East Luterra

Blackrose Chapel

13/13 mococo. Seeds which x2 are in hut, the first for wardrobe the second for box.

Mococo Seeds Blackrose Chapel East Luterra

Blackrose Basement

8/8 mococo. The entrance to the dungeon is in the Blackrose Chapel location. To open the room with the X3 mokoko necessary that all civilians survived, kill the reapers at a distance of not approaching the people. To open the room with x2 mokoko need to clean up the location completely from the reapers.

Mococo Seeds Blackrose Basement East Luterra

Leyar Terrace

8/8 mococo.

Mococo Seeds Leyar Terrace East Luterra

Borea's Domain

9/11 mococo. To get two more seeds, you will need to return to the location after studying the Forest Minuet in the area marked with a yellow rectangle.

Mococo Seeds Borea's Domain East Luterra

Wavestrand Post

6/6 mococo.

Mococo Seeds Wavestrand Post East Luterra

Croconys Seashore

18/18 mococo. To get the first x2 seeds you need to climb up the vine, to get the second x2 mokoko you need to destroy the barricades.

Mococo Seeds Croconys Seashore East Luterra

Stormcry Grotto

12/12 mococo. The entrance to the dungeon is in the location Croconys Seashore. To obtain x3 mokoko need to kill all the bats and slugs, then in the place where the character disappears mountain of gold coins and you can go to the cave which is 3 seed mococo.

Mococo Seeds Stormcry Grotto East Luterra