In the location of West Lutheria there are 71 Mococo seeds. 67/71 seeds can be obtained immediately by passing the story quest, for the remaining 4 you will need to come back wet after studying the Forest Ballad and the Song of Resonance, described in more detail below.

Other Mococo seed maps:


12/12 mococo. To get the top 3 seeds, you need to go to the cliff and go down. To get the bottom 3 seeds of mococo, you need to break the barricades, so it takes a long time to destroy them.

Mococo Seeds Zagorje West Lutheria

Taiga oval

9/11 mococo. To get the top two seeds of mococo you need to go under the waterfall where the arrow begins, mococo are under a large tree at the end of the path. Also in this location, 2 more mococo seeds are available that can be obtained only with the help of the Forest ballad, the location is indicated on the map in a yellow circle.

Mococo Seeds Taiga oval West Lutheria

Storm Ridge

7/7 mococo. The entrance to the dungeon is located in Taiga oval location. To pick up 3 mococo in the dark zone, you need to destroy the two RBs located further, then return to the place where the character is on the map and go through the wall into the hidden zone and immediately collect 3 Mococo Seeds.

Mococo Seeds Storm Ridge West Lutheria

Monastery of Medrinice

11/13 mococo. To get the two remaining, you will need to get the Song of Resonance and return to the place where the character is on the map. Perform the Song of Resonance next to the statue to get the two remaining mococo.

Mococo Seeds Monastery of Medrinice West Lutheria

Bilbrinskoe woodland

9/9 mococo.

Mococo Seeds Bilbrinskoe woodland West Lutheria

Melotetsk adit

12/12 mococo. The entrance to the dungeon is located in the Bilbrinskoe woodland location. To get the mococo highlighted in a yellow circle, you need to pick up the lamp with fireflies that is next to the two mococo seeds and place the lamp on a pedestal next to the passage to the mococo at the arrows.

Mococo Seeds Melotetsk adit West Lutheria

Scorched Wasteland

7/7 mococo.

Mococo Seeds Scorched Wasteland West Lutheria