In this guide, consider the passage of the Adventure Edeon Ruins. Consider what and how to do for the successful murder of Edeon Ruins

Team for Ruins Adventure

An ideal team of 3 tanks, 5 heels and the rest of the DPS. We will need tanks on the first boss Arbat Columbus.

Skills Arbat Columbus

Manaflame Chop - deals great damage in front of you (deadly if you are not a tank)

Battle Cry - throws players up in the air, causing damage (not deadly)

Edeon Ruins Adventure World of Kings

Perishing Blade - sends 5 blades in different directions (deadly)

Edeon Ruins Adventure World of Kings

Hundred Cuts - deals great damage to the area line (deadly)

Edeon Ruins Adventure World of Kings

Killing Arbat Columbus

Throughout the entire farm, Arbat Columbus uses the Battle Cry skill and is always followed by either blades or a track. That is, always jump> blades> jump> line

At 70% there are new skills, a column, lines through the entire field attached to the players and minions - they are the main problem. On whom the purple lines hang, move away in such a way that they do not fall on the main raid. Minions - kill them whenever possible, for example, while waiting for blades, the melee must stand far away from the boss at which point you can kill them.

At 35%, the spirit of Arbat Columbus appears which damage in lines across the entire field. Still Arbat Columbus uses all their skills, there are minions. If HP is small, it is worth throwing the minions and focus on Arbat Columbus

Killing Adlam Bruno

Killing Adventure Adlam Bruno similar to Normal Adlam Bruno, except for one moment. At 33% there are 4 meteorites, 2 fiery and 2 ice. It is necessary for 4 players to fall into place, otherwise fatal damage will be inflicted on all.

Edeon Ruins Adventure World of Kings

This is the only difficult moment in the passage of Adlam Bruno, having mastered it, you can easily pass Edeon Ruins Adventure.