In this guide, we consider the tactics of passing the Guild Boss Adlam Bruno. Before the campaign is recommended to familiarize all members of the guild.

To successfully pass Adlam Bruno, you need to know its timings and features. Before the start of the raid, be sure to go to the voice of your guild. Below with the help of schemes we will try to tell all the details of the passage.

Room raid boss

For convenience, we will use the hour position, the entrance to the boss is at 6 o'clock.

Guild Boss Adlam Bruno

Raid location

The recommended position is presented below in the diagram, this position is chosen because of the subsequent stages, which can be read below.

The tank becomes for 1 hour, and turns the boss to him. The boss should always look for 1 hour, as he has strong fan attacks (in front of him).

We leave the boss in the center, the whole group will be mixed for 7 hours (again because of the subsequent stages), the groups are divided into near and far, the near ones point at RB and hit in the back, the distant ones move away from the first group and cause damage over a distance Hila should be shared, someone stays with their neighbors DD, someone comes with long-distance ones (and again this is due to the skill of the Boss who deals great mass damage).

Guild Boss Adlam Bruno

Stage 66-100% HP Boss

2 circles appear on the field at the intersection of these circles. Great damage is inflicted, the solution is simple, mix the raid from this position and continue to kill.

By the strong ability can be attributed the jump of the boss, a large radius, blows about 50% hp.

Bomb - if you are hanging on, we leave the crowd and blow it away from the main group. On whom the bomb hangs can be viewed through the raid menu.

Guild Boss Adlam Bruno

Stage 66% and 33% HP Boss

When the boss has 66% and 33% of HP, an ice and fire circle appears (66% from above at 10 o'clock Fire, below at 5 Ice, and vice versa at 33% above Ice, below Fire)

On two random players from the raid, hang a mark, on one fire, on the second ice. Players with a mark must stand in a circle with their mark. This is a very important point, you need to bring it to all the participants of the raid, it is because of this event that the position of the raid is built, from our position it is most convenient to reach both the fire and ice.

Guild Boss Adlam Bruno

Stage 20% HP Boss

When the boss has 20% HP, the battlefield is divided into 2 parts Fire and Ice, the field changes every 3 seconds, you must run from one side to the other, otherwise you will get a lot of damage from the fire and freeze from ice. Damage is not critical, but by following the rules you make life easier for the people and reduce the time it takes to complete the raid.