In this guide, you will find answers to frequently asked questions from players. Beginners often ask basic questions and don't always find answers. Our FAQ will be constantly updated with answers to questions. Hopefully this will help beginners understand the game faster.

How to buy items in the Market

To start buying an item, just click on this item, a description window will appear, then click on the Market and then on the side of the menu you can buy an item or create an order to buy such an item.

How to get into Jita

Due to the large number of players wishing to get into Jita, a traffic jam has formed. Fly up to the gate and click on the jump. As soon as space becomes available, you can enter Jita.

How to join a corporation

In order to join a corporation, you need 3 Technical level, then open the menu and select Corporations at the very bottom. At the start of the game, there are many people who want to join the corporation, so send applications to everyone and maybe you will be lucky and they will accept you.

How to sell an Item on the market

To sell the item, it will be enough to move to the Interstellar Trading Center. In order to find the nearest all centers, you need to open the map and filter it by Interstellar Trading Center.

Eve Echoes Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

After you arrive at the Interstellar Trading Center, open the inventory, click on the item and the Sales menu will appear, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the prices on the market before selling.

Eve Echoes Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How to enable tactical grid in Eve Echoes

At this stage, the tactical grid is not available in the game..

How to buy Pyroxeres

Pyroxeres can be found in the Marketplace under Manufacturing Materials> Raw Ores. Or to mine with Mining in sectors 0.1-0.4, see this guide in more detail.

Eve Echoes Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How to restore a destroyed ship

Ships of level 3 and below can be restored with the help of the Insurance (Beginner's Insurance Voucher). Go to Character> Combat Log> Repaired. In addition to the voucher, you will also need ISK.

Eve Echoes Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How to determine the level of anomaly

The level of the anomaly is indicated by a small number after the name. The lower the security level of the region, the higher the level of the anomaly.

Where to find level 6 anomalies

Level 6 anomalies occur in sectors 0.0-0.1

Eve Echoes Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How much Plex does it take to get the Omega Clone

Basic Omega Clone costs 170 Plex. More in this guide.

How to get Blueprint

A drawing can be created by Menu > Industry > Engineering Retroanalysis (right side)

Eve Echoes Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How do I get all drones to launch

In order to launch all drones, you need to learn a skill that increases the number of drones.

Eve Echoes Часто задаваемые вопросы FAQ

How to delete a character in Eve Echoes

At the moment, it is impossible to delete a character in Eve Echoes, the developers promise to add a feature to delete a character in future updates.