Every day at 10:30 pm World bosses appear. Consider the ways of passing and rewards.

At the moment there are 5 zones of bosses available, all RBs are in a special zone that can be reached through NPS. NPS depending on the boss is in different locations (coordinates will be lower).

The menu of raid bosses can be opened through the Daily Challenge (available from level 38). As soon as the world bosses appeared, the Go To button becomes available, which leads the way to the NPS you need. (It is possible to approach the place where the NPS will appear in advance, for this it is enough to fly to the NPS coordinates, the list of coordinates is below).

World Boss World of Kings

World bosses passing

Inside the location of 3 Boss, each guild is for itself. There is a small peace zone, as well as all who have died are resurrected in it. The goal is to inflict the most damage to the raid boss, so your guild will get the best drop. The entire drop from the world boss goes to the guild auction.

World Boss World of Kings

Coordinates of NPCs with which you can enter the world boss

  • Aldebat – 1430,1634
  • Mirotheus – 938,1891
  • Aphrodiny – 960,2359
  • Deathmas – 1211,2838
  • Aioliado – 1174,3402