In this guide you will find out where and how to find the chests, as well as find the list of coordinates of some chests (the list is gradually filled).

Every day you can collect up to 10 chests. From the chests you get a variety of items in large quantities.

Treasure Discovery World of Kings

Chests always appear in the same place, once you find a chest, you can find it again in the same place after some time (the time of appearance of the chest is completely different, I came across chests with rep from 15 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes)

Chests can be found just flying around the world, in case there is a chest next to it, you will have it displayed on the minimap.

Treasure Discovery World of Kings

Coordinates of treasure chests (Treasure Discovery)

At the moment, several chests have been found, I prefer to open the chests that are next to the Elite monsters, so at the same time I wait for the Elite monster and open the chests (though there is one minus next to the elite monsters of many other players).

  • 1121,3285
  • 1402,3012
  • 1217,2714
  • 1355,2772
  • 1351,3197
  • 1083,3229
  • 1458,2641
  • 1450,2900
  • 1207,2875
  • 1161,2623
  • 999,3300
  • 1356,1789