In this guide we will examine the siege of the castle in World of Kings, what it gives and what needs to be done to win

The siege lasts 30 minutes. If during the siege the crystal will be destroyed, the attacking guild will win. If the crystal holds, then the defending side will win. If the attackers have not occupied more than one outpost since the beginning of the siege within 10 minutes, the defenders automatically become the winners.

Siege Castle World of Kings


On the battlefield are 5 outposts. In order to capture the outpost, it is enough to approach the stand at the capture point, while there are no enemies around. In case of death you will be transferred to the nearest outpost.

Each outpost provides 20% protection to the crystal. Outpost capture is interesting for both the defending side and the attacking side.

Siege Castle World of Kings

Castle gate

The attacking guild before you get to the crystal, you need to destroy the gate. The guild members can enter the gate with the help of nearby portals.

Siege Castle World of Kings

If you have problems with the appearance of the portal, you can use the stairs next to the gate.

Siege Castle World of Kings

Victory conditions

To win the attacking guild you need to destroy the crystal in the center of the Castle.

To win the defending guild, you need to hold out for 30 minutes without letting the attacker destroy the crystal. An early victory is also available, it is enough to prevent the attacker from seizing an outpost within 10 minutes, and no more than 10 people should die.

Moral of the guild

Moral guilds affect the protection of characters, the lower the morale, the lower the protection of characters. The attacker can lower the morale of the defenders with the Bombing Run event before the siege begins, destroying the buildings and lowering the morale (siege defense) of the enemy guild.


For killing players you get Honor Rewards. You can exchange Honor for useful items in the Supply - Honor store..

Both guilds receive gift packs. The guild winner gets 20 pieces, losing 10 pieces. Gift packages can be issued by going to the Guild - Bonus - Guild Battle Packs guild menu.

Siege Castle World of Kings

The time of the resurrection of each guild is always 60 seconds. Be careful not to die in vain. Exit from battle for 1 minute, can greatly affect the outcome of the battle.