In this guide I want to share my opinion on the leveling up of the Necromancer class in World of Kings

Shadow of Doom - Our main skill, on average, it deals over 70% damage. From Banshee’s Wail control, every 40 seconds imposes a fear effect on surrounding enemies for 6 seconds. When using Lichborne, Banshee’s Wail skill is rolled back (this allows us to use 2 fears one after another).

The sequence of using the skill is: Shadow of Doom > Plaguing Curse > Drain Life > Life Feedback > Shadow of Doom > Plaguing Curse > Drain Life. Miasma and Banshee’s Wall, depending on the situation.

An important point, interrupting the Drain Life skill, if the Shadow of Doom is ready to use, you do + 20% more damage.

Necromancer World of Kings

Engraving Necromancer

  • Drain Life – Siphon
  • Plaguing Curse – Cri
  • Miasma – Agile
  • Banshee’s Wail – Agile
  • Fade into Mist – Agile
  • Life Feedback – Delay
  • Shadow of Doom – Agile

Mastery Necromancer

For Necromancer it is best to activate the Painful Torture. Painful Torture gives a bonus to our basic Shadow of Doom and Plaguing Curse skills.

Necromancer World of Kings

Talent Necromancer

Combat Master: Bravery, Mana Torrent, Chanting, Force Release, Sharp Edge, Ruthlessness or Ambush

Necromancer World of Kings

Strategist: Cunning, Unyielding Will or Readiness, Precision, Field Doctor

Necromancer World of Kings

Sigil Necromancer

Reds: Will. Blue: Haste. Yellow: Haste. Unfortunately, I have not yet collected the necessary Sigil, so I wore what was.

Necromancer World of Kings

Bloodline and Military Rank Skill Necromancer

Try to raise Dragon’s Kindness (Spirit) first

Necromancer World of Kings

Military Rank Skill – Iron Will removes all negative effects, and for 6 seconds gives immunity.

Necromancer World of Kings

Reforge Artefact

Strives need to Force Release > Mana Torrent > Ruthlessness/Ambush.

Necromancer World of Kings


Unfortunately at the moment it is difficult to say which is better or worse. I see many necromancers using Dagger. In China, if you take the top 10 Necromancer, 7 of them with the Scepter, 2 with a staff, 1 with a dagger. As for the set, T1 does not look bad.