In this guide you will find all the information about the Legendary weapon in World of Kings

Ways to get Legendary weapons

The first legendary weapon is given free of charge, after passing the storyline quest. The second legendary weapon can be purchased in the main city from the NPC (1989.1728), exchanging it for Primal Heart. Primal Heart can be bought for 100 gold coins in the Reputation Shop. You can purchase an unlimited number.

Legendary weapon World of Kings

Legendary Weapon Upgrades

When buying, you get a legendary rank 0 weapon with 96 Gear. Weapon Grade 0, Dragon Crystal, and Weapon Shards will be required to upgrade weapons.

Legendary weapon World of Kings

Where to get shards and dragon crystal?

Dragon Crystal can be obtained from the red chest in World Events, also once a day can be obtained by passing Overlord.

Weapon shards can be obtained from the Legendary Shards Chest Chest, falling from 1 to 3 shards to a random weapon. The chest can be obtained from the blue chest in World Events, as well as with a small chance from Dungeons Adventure. More Legendary Shards Chest can be purchased at auction.

Legendary weapon World of Kings

Exchange of unnecessary fragments

With the help of the exchange, you can speed up the receipt of the necessary fragments, open the window by clicking on the Exchange button, and exchange 5 unnecessary fragments for 1 for your weapon.

Legendary weapon World of Kings

1 rank requires 20 shards of the weapon, 10 Dragon Crystal, weapons of 0 rank

2 rank requires 50 shards of the weapon, 30 Dragon Crystal, 2 Primal Heart

Before improvement, you need to remove the legendary weapon.