During the Invasion event, neighboring enemy guilds are encountered, and if the enemy guild is successful, the morale is reduced..

For successful passage you need to complete a couple of quests, take a helicopter to load ammunition into it, then drop them over the enemy castle, while preventing the enemy guild from doing the same to do the same.

Invasion World of Kings

Quests of Invasion

You can do 3 invasion quests, all quests are done in enemy territory. To teleport to enemy territory, talk to the NPS in the center of the blue circle (this zone is considered safe for all guilds). He will offer you to go to the territory of the enemy guild. Select the Guild in the territory of which you plan to complete quests, and go.

Invasion World of Kings

On enemy territory, talk to the NPCs and take quests. Go to perform them, try to avoid hassles and do not react to enemy NPCs, your goal is to complete the quest.

As a reward for quests, you get influence points, resources for the Guild and most importantly ammunition for the blue quest.

To determine in the territory of which guild you are enough to look at the mini map.

Invasion World of Kings

Yellow quests

Mech Burnout – Quest is located near the teleport, the goal is to undermine the woodcutter robot. Reward tree and 25 influence points.

Stone Theft – The quest is at a medium range from the teleport, the goal is to kill the workers. Stone reward, and 25 influence points.

Mineshaft Sabotage – the farthest quest is in the mine, the goal is to collect crystals. Iron reward and 50 influence points.

For all quests also give helicopter ammunition (blue quest).

Invasion World of Kings

Blue quest

After completing at least one yellow quest, you can fill the helicopter with ammunition, to do this, talk to the NPS, select the desired ammunition, then get on the helicopter that is nearby. Flying over the castle attack it.

Invasion World of Kings


Do not do the same quest as a large group, as you will only interfere with each other. For example, take a quest in the mine, you need to collect 5 ores, there are very few places of respawn. At the same time, a quest can be done for a maximum of 1-2 parties (5-10 people) and this is taking into account that someone from your enemy will run and some players will distracted by PVP.

Prevent the enemy guild members from completing quests in your territory, at the beginning do not let them take the quest, after some time, prevent them from delivering the quest from the NPC

If you meet an enemy on a map that is already clearly running to take the quest to the NPS, killing him you only shorten his way to deliver the quest, before the murder make sure that there is someone to “meet” him next to the NPS.

Do not run in a large group if this is not necessary (mass pvp). Enemies all over the map, create small mobile groups that will run around their territory and clean up those who do the quest.