20.06 added a new dange, many players had difficulties with its passage, in fact, everything is simple, just follow some rules.

To complete the dungeon, you need to kill 3 bosses: Victoor, Oz, Dooms Schenley. Each boss with its own feature, which we consider below.

Killing Victoor

During the murder, Blazing Totems appear periodically, which must be destroyed immediately, as does Frost Mages that appear on the edge of the map. Mages appear at 65% and 35% of HP.

Victoor World of Kings

Killing Oz

At the very beginning of the raid there are ice blocks that will come in handy later. At 75% 50% and 25% of HP Oz imposes a shield on itself, in order to remove the shield you need to activate one of the ice blocks, a fireball appears at the place of the lump, to remove the shield it is enough to bring Oz to the balloon.

Oz World of Kings

Killing Dooms Schenley

At the time of the murder, 75% and 40% of HP appear whirlwinds. To remove them, it is enough for one player to stand in a whirlwind, this must be done before Dooms Schenley proves the skill, the player who stands up in a whirlwind turns into an ice block, other players must destroy them. , during the destruction of a block damage is done around the player.

In addition to the vortex, there are 2 skills, one is fanned by the fan in front of the boss, the second is one of the important Shatterfrost, hangs on one of the players, the other players have to run up to share the damage.

Dooms Schenley World of Kings