This guide contains frequently asked questions about the game World of Kings

Is there a game of World of kings Bank?

Yes, there is a bank, just open the inventory, and click on the Warehouse button. You will move to the city, initially 12 cells will be available to you, but the bank can be expanded for gold coins.

Warehouse World of Kings

Where to get the second legendary weapon?

The second legendary weapon can be purchased in the main city from the NPC (1989.1728), exchanging it for Primal Heart. Primal Heart can be bought for 100 gold coins in the Reputation Shop. You can purchase an unlimited number.

Legendary weapon World of Kings

Where to get resources for crafting in World of Kings?

In addition to quests and auctions, resources can be mined by opening boxes, you have 12 points of work spent for opening, boxes can be opened while you have enough points of work. Boxes with resources on the map are marked with a yellow circle.

Resources World of Kings

How to use Commendation?

Commendation can be exchanged at the NPC in the city for equipment of various grades. You can move to the NPC by clicking on Commendation or on the coordinates 2002.1716.

Commendation World of Kings