In World of Kings there is a Daily item in the menu. It describes all possible activities, ideally, of course, close everything. But it all takes too much time.

Consider in priority order. What is more important, where to start the day and so on. Consider the character level 60, since up to 60 you can pump in 4-5 days, the game is revealed after level 60.

World Event

I usually start my day at the World Event. During the Event, I deal with all the other activities that can be performed during the Event. I open the chest that opened all night, take daily bonuses, close the Mercenary quests, do the Guild Donation, take the guild quests.

Daily active World of Kings


Then I switch to the Dungeons tab and pick up my clothes from the Overlord tab, which I was given for what I passed yesterday, submit applications or collect parties. You need at least 1 time to go Overlord in order to get the gear of high Gear tomorrow.

Daily active World of Kings

During the search for dungeon, we pass the following activities, for example, the Path of Erudition in the city or quests for the profession.

If all the quests of the profession have been completed and you just stand in the city, I recommend you choose one of the coordinates of the treasure chests, and do further activities that do not require movement around the world (dunjee, guild RB, Raid Team, etc.) next to the chest rep.

Also, if you have a lot of energy, collect boxes on the map. Resources will always come in handy.

In your free time, go through PVP activity, at least until the first victory, to get an award.

Daily active World of Kings

Try until the evening to complete all normal activity, as the Guild events and world events begin in the evening.