In this guide, we will look at how to craft gear for your character, where to get materials for crafting.
Крафт снаряжения в World of Kings

Resource mining

Craft equipment requires a lot of materials, as well as special items such as Element Crystal and Cosmic Essence.

Крафт снаряжения в World of Kings

How to get materials for crafting

Materials can be mined with daily quests, as well as scattered boxes on the map with materials, collecting them you get random material for crafting. Also, all materials can be purchased (as well as sold) at auction.

Крафт снаряжения в World of Kings

In addition to materials, you will need Element Crystal and Cosmic Essence to craft Purple Equipment..

Element Crystal can be obtained by passing the dungeon Raid Team.

Cosmic Essence is mined from Guild bosses, if you are lucky you can buy it at the Guild auction..

After crafting, you get sealed equipment 110 level. You can remove the seal and put on your gear or sell it at a profitable auction.