In this guide, we will consider the tactics of passing the guild boss Dark Verdict Adventure. You can get on it with a character level 60 and with 95 Gear.

To pass Dark Verdict Adventure 95 Gear is not enough, you need to be with voice communication and follow certain tactics.

Dark Verdict Adventure World of Kings

Recommended raid

At least 2 tanks, and preferably 3 for safety, 4-5 heals, the rest of the DD. On this boss, DPS is very important, because during a raid, even if you do everything correctly, a lot of deadly damage, and the higher the DPS, the faster you kill the boss and lose less players. For example, if you take extra tanks or heals, the time to complete a raid will increase, during which time the boss will kill more people than usual..

Preparing for the Boss

Kill all the mobs. Check that all raid participants are in voice communication. Become familiar with boss skills before raiding..

Before you 3 Boss. Heal is a heal for bosses, and also uses a skill that creates circles that cause damage under characters.

Mage - Imposes on some players a bomb that causes great damage, for many players lethal.

Warrior - periodically creates a whirlwind around him.

When you kill any of the bosses, the rest of the HP becomes full, try to beat the same boss with all the raids. After killing two of the three bosses, the remaining boss turns into a Dragon.

During the killing of the dragon, the spirits of the dead bosses appear 3 times and cast their skills. Heal - d baf that gradually lowers HP, Mage - Bombs, Warrior Whirlwind.

There are 2 tactics killing the boss

1. Heal - Mage - Warrior

2. Heal - Warrior - Mage

Heal is killed first, due to the fact that he periodically restores HP bosses. If you have no problems with damage, kill in any sequence.

The choice of the second boss depends on what kind of perfume you want to see at the dragon stage.

Description of the skills of the Spirits of the RB

Spirit of heal - Imposes on all members of the raid d buff that gradually lowers HP.

Spirit of the Mage - Throws bombs on many players, which inflict tremendous damage (for many players, getting the dilaf of the spirit of Hil + Bomb becomes deadly.

Spirit of the Warrior - Creates a whirlwind around him with a large radius, as part of the raid attracts.

What sequence of murders to choose?

Mostly left at the end of the Warrior raid, your raid is enough to survive 3 times the bomb and dbaf from the spirits (many choose this option). First, the dbuff from the heal is superimposed, all stand together with the heels maximally heal, for 3 seconds the yellow dbaf heal all on whom the bomb scatter.