This guide contains tips for beginners in Project V4

Which class to choose in the game V4

The popularity rating of classes in Korea (at the start of the game) is as follows:

  • 1 – (Gunslinger)
  • 2 – (Knight)
  • 3 – (Enchantress)
  • 4 – (Slayer)
  • 5 – (Boomblade)
  • 6 – (Warlord)
V4 Гайд Советы для начинающих

How to properly Gear Enhancement in V4

In V4, if you fail to upgrade your equipment, you will lose the item forever. Therefore, it is important to take this into account when sharpening equipment. There is a safe point in V4 (weapons and armor up to +5, jewelry up to +2)

Do not waste enchant scrolls on white equipment, you will quickly receive green equipment in the story quest.

Do I need to improve green equipment? Yes, but only with scrolls for beginners. Don't waste blue scrolls on green gear.

If you want to try your luck and try to improve the equipment unsafely, do it with a weapon, the chance to sharpen a weapon up to +6 is much higher than jewelry up to +3. Improved weapons will also be more useful.

Based on this, do not break the blue jewelry that you received at the start of the game. She gives a lot of BM. And the chance to sharpen to +3 is very low.

V4 Гайд Советы для начинающих

The best blue gear in V4

Equipment rating is based on BM: Honor> Solidarity = Trust> Glory> Alliance

How to raise BM in V4 game

If you are stuck on a story quest, or the mobs are too strong, you should pay attention first of all to Monster Research

After researching enough monsters, you will receive BM and Demonstones

V4 Гайд Советы для начинающих

Also, do not forget to increase the potential due to unnecessary equipment, before you get rid of equipment, see if you need this equipment in the Collection

V4 Гайд Советы для начинающих

Демонические камни – в начале игры используем авто заполнение.

V4 Гайд Советы для начинающих

Soul Stones

Insert and upgrade soul stones at the first opportunity. In case of getting better equipment, the stone can be pulled out and rearranged into better equipment.

V4 Гайд Советы для начинающих