In this guide, collected by the location of the region bosses on the map. As well as the way to pass them and some tricks.

Bosses spawn at the specified time, some bosses have 2 spawn locations

V4 Guide Местоположение Босса региона на карте

Just a little trick, Bosses appear on all channels. That is, if you quickly kill a boss on one channel, you can go to another channel and there you can also inflict damage to receive a reward. How to change the channel in V4 read at the end of the guide.

Boss Bactar Location

There are 2 locations where the boss Bactar appears on the map.

V4 Guide Boss Bactar Location

Boss Dinux Location

Like Baktar, boss Dinux has 2 spawn points.

V4 Guide Boss Dinux Location

Boss Ruskal Location

Boss Ruskal has 1 spawn point

V4 Guide Boss Ruskal Location

How to change channel in V4 game

To change the channel, just click on the World button and then change the channel to the desired one

V4 Guide How to change channel in V4 game V4 Guide How to change channel in V4 game