Greetings, Crows! In this article, we introduce a calculator for estimating the cost of crafting gear in the game Undawn. Currently, it is available only for level 40 gear, but if it proves popular, we'll add the capability to calculate the cost for level 50 gear as well as the creation cost for drones.

How to use the gear calculator?

The process of using the calculator is quite simple:

  • 1. Enter the current resource price data from your server's market.
  • 2. Click on the “Calculate Cost” button.

It's important to note that the calculation only includes the cost of the resources. If you're crafting the gear for the first time, don't forget to add the cost of the formula.

How are the costs for purple and gold gear calculated?

When calculating the costs for purple and gold gear, we use the following formula: the cost of creating blue gear is multiplied by a certain percentage. For purple gear, this percentage is 15% (Cost of crafting blue gear * 0.15), and for gold gear, it is 5% (Cost of crafting blue gear * 0.05).

Enter resource cost:

Copper Ore
Ash Branch
Prairie Flaxseed
Small Animal Hide
Ash Wood
Prairie Flax Fibers
Animal Sinew

Items cost:

In this way, this calculator greatly simplifies the process of determining the cost of crafting gear in Undawn. Use it to enhance your gaming experience even further!