To get to Rig FC-21 and FC-11 in the Tower of Fantasy game, you need to complete the Hyenas’ Banges Base quest and answer Hyena Guard questions correctly. On the Rig FC-11 you can find the Console Component.

Location Rig FC-21

Rig FC-21 is on the water, west of Banges (Spacerift: Signal Station Ruins)

Tower of Fantasy How to get on Rig FC-21 and FC-11

Quest Hyenas’ Banges Base entrance to Rig FC-21

The quest is taken at the entrance to Rig FC-21 from the NPC Hyena Guard. The quest is called Hyenas' Banges Base.

Then you need to go to Banges Dock and find Lozwall (Port Guard) walking next to the merchants.

Tower of Fantasy How to get on Rig FC-21 and FC-11

Head back to Rig FC-21 and talk to the Hyena Guard. Answer two Hyena Guard questions with correct answers:

  • 1. To be the most liberal Hyena!
  • 2. For the most liberal Hyena!

On the platform, you can find a Special Supply Pod that contains part of the Omnium Beast: Cockpit vehicle. The rest of the Vehicles Omnium Beast VI parts can be found in this video.

Location Rig FC-11

After completing the Hyenas' Banges Base quest, Rig FC-11 becomes available. The location of the Rig FC-11 can be found in the screenshot below. The most convenient way to go is with Spacerift: Raincaller Island.

Tower of Fantasy How to get on Rig FC-21 and FC-11

How to get on Rig FC-11

To get to Rig FC-11, you need to answer 4 Hyena Guard questions correctly, the correct answers are:

  • 1. I'm here for the Hyenas Carnival
  • 2. Hyena Queen
  • 3. This is the seventh Hyenas Carnival
  • 4. The Heirs of Aida of course

On the Rig FC-11, you can find the Console Component needed to solve the Ecological Park puzzle. Also on the Rig FC-11 you can find the Voyager Engine in more detail in this guide.