Soft Launch Black Desert Mobile is scheduled for October 24 at 09:00 (UTC + 1) in certain regions. But it will be possible to play with other regions.

In order to participate in Soft Launch Black Desert Mobile you need to download the game client. You can use QooApp or download from Google Disk

If QooApp is not installed on your phone, you can download it by Link

After downloading and installing Black Desert Mobile, we go into the game, we are offered to choose a region, choose the one that is closer to you, in our case we have chosen Europe. Next, we agree with the policy and begin downloading the client. Existing problems: Error 401 - if Error 401 appears, you do not have enough disk space, the game needs about 4.2 GB

Soft Launch Black Desert Mobile

After that, he doesn’t let him enter the game without VPN, download any VPN, we entered in the search and bumped into the very first free VPN - VPNIFY

After installing VPN, select the country of Sweden and enter the game.

Soft Launch Black Desert Mobile

If everything is done correctly, the game starts without problems, enter the name of the surname, select the server (at the moment it is the only Balenos) and enjoy the game

For Soft Launch Black Desert Mobile, it is recommended to use a separate account so as not to lose gifts in December, when Black Desert Mobile will launch Global.