In the second part of The Fourth Wall quest, you need to answer 6 questions correctly. If the answer is not correct, you will have to answer again.

Ответы на вопросы Sup Wall Breaker

The Universe Is?

Correct answer: A Colorful Box.

Second Galaxy Sup Pilot The Universe Is?

Death Is?

Back to Unconventionally Real

Second Galaxy Sup Pilot Death Is?

Life is...?

Correct answer: Game Well-Designed.

Second Galaxy Sup Life is...?

Destruction Is?

Correct answer: The Bell Breaks the Curtain.

Second Galaxy Sup Destruction Is?

Sweet Dreams Are...?

Correct answer: Calibrate Universal Time.

Second Galaxy Sup Sweet Dreams Are...?

So The Ending is...?

Correct answer: Return to zero.

Second Galaxy Sup So The Ending is...?