This topic contains frequently asked questions about the game Second Galaxy

What devices can this game support? I'm on a galaxy s6 and I don't wanna have to spend out on a new phone just yet

Second Galaxy will be available on iOS, Android, and PC.

Minimum system requirements: Android: RAM: 2 GB; opengles2.0; CPU: 1.4GHz; Resolution: 720p iOS: iPhone 6s

How big is the download for the game

About 1.4 G in size

How many servers (shards) will there be?

Players all over the world play the game on one server.

Can you post minimum requirements for smartphones?

Android: RAM: 2 GB; opengles2.0; CPU: 1.4GHz; Resolution: 720p

iOS: iPhone 6s

My Question is game have any Graphic setting for playing on weak phones?

You can ensure smooth gameplay on weak phones via the Graphic setting by setting Graphic, VFX, and Ships Displayed to Low.

When Second Galaxy releases, do you have any future updates in mind? (Planetary Landings, Gifting System, Raids, etc.)

We are working hard to introduce more features, ships, and others.

What sort of translation methods are you using for your in-game UI elements and text body? An example would be describing how weapon attributes work. Will the game be machine translated (low accuracy) or human translated (high accuracy)? Will it be post-edited (machine translation that is then revised by a human)?

We are paying great attention to the game's translation. Now we have an in-house team to ensure the quality of the English version and will keep optimizing the translation based on your feedback.

Will the monetization be purely cosmetic or are we going to have to worry about overpowered players spending tons of cash?

Our game focuses on teamwork. Occupying solar systems requires you and your allies' joint effort. In-game-purchase ships have limited effect.

According to the description of the stories of each nation, we can trace their path, where they started, what they lost and what they gained, but as such they do not have a description of characteristics - that’s what I want to know — how nations will differ in the second galaxy by features, bonuses and the like?

Different nations have different ships. You need to pass Pilot License Tests to pilot these ships.

What statistical bonuses will be granted to each faction?

Ships of ECD are often swift and agile. The top-tier speed makes it possible for them to get into close range easily and unleash the devastating firepower with powerful blaster weapons.

NEF ships are known for their steady armor and shield. Combined with the deadly precision granted by the missile system, they usually triumph in frontline battles.

Ships of OE boast their advanced energy system which enables various shipboard devices to gain tactical advantages. They are mostly equipped with laser weapons, which deal higher damage the longer they fixate on a target.

RS ships may not impress at first glance, but they surely will when weaving in and out on the battlefield and hitting hard with railguns from distance.

You can pilot other nations' ships after passing the Pilot License Tests.

Do corp members need to belong to the same nation? How does nationality interact with corporations?

You are free to join any Corporations.

When being a part of a corporation, would it be prudent that the entire corporation choose the same Nation for the overall betterment of said Corporation with respect to raiding, grouping, adventuring, etc or can multiple nations under said Corporation interact with each other unhindered.

You are free to join any Corporations.

Will there be a cap on the number of players in a corporation? If so, what will the cap be? Also, will there be similar mechanics for alliances?

A Corp can have up to 150 players.

Will there be a limit to how many alliances a corporation is allowed to have?

An Alliance can have up to 200 corporations (up to 30,000 players).

Can this game do like eve more than 1k players fighting in 1 area?

A single solar system can hold up to a thousand players.

What tools will be available for corporation leaders to run their corporation?

A Corp CEO can assign roles to Corp members. These members can help run the Corp.

What will players be able to send to other players? Is the economy set by players?

1. Players can trade items with each other through the Trading Post.

2. Players can sell items to the Corp. Other players are able to apply for compensation to get what they lost.

Second Galaxy

The current skins on ships are pretty plain, is this a sign you may go down the skins route to make extra money, there for being able to keep the game less pay 2 win?

We are considering adding this kind of features.

Will there be a drawback to using a ship that is outside of your faction?

The nation you choose and the ships that become available to you as a result have an impact on your journey in the early stages of the game. Once the pilot license examination system is unlocked, you’ll be able to explore the ships of other nations by obtaining their corresponding licenses.

Will every ship be viable in some way? Say are tier 1 ships competitive against top tier ships of same class, or will they get absolutely destroyed

You can pass pilot license examinations to unlock perks for ships. In battle, a properly and strategically-equipped ship is more likely to win than a ship of a higher tier.

Will we be able to reach advanced level training to max out weapons and ships for any nation, regardless of which nation we start with?


Question: What if any Alien/NPC Element will be featured in the game?

You will find advanced civilizations in this game, but they are quite different from the aliens you might find in other games. For more information, please follow the game's storyline!

In every game control n combat system is important what, how is the control system in SG those it give players the freedom to fly the ship as they wish?is it joystick to move?

You can pilot your ship manually using mechanics designed to make piloting ships simple, fun, and fluid.

The most important question that worries many players. when the ship is destroyed by the enemy in pvp all the modules even high quality will be destroyed? will it be possible somehow to save the ship or the modules after the destruction . if there is such an opportunity, how will it be implemented?

When your ship is destroyed, you will lose all attachments (modules), including weapons; devices; and components. The enemy that destroyed you will get some of the attachments, and the rest is destroyed.

You will retain your pilot skills, research, and implants.

Can people camp and restrict use of jump gates?

Some devices can prevent enemy ships from warping.

I most worry about murder hobos with cash shop ships and equipment preying on free players in starting systems

We have implemented some mechanisms to protect new players. For example, some high-security solar systems do not allow PvP at all. Attacking other players in certain solar systems will also be punished by the police. In addition, your ship will be immune to damage for a while after warping, preventing ambushes.

When will the United Solar Systems of Hygara (USSH) become available? If they are not available at launch and we are forced to pick a second choice. Once the USSH becomes available will we beable to switch and transfer our game progress, or will the USSH begin at a higher level, or do we have to re-start the game from the beginning to become USSH?

We will introduce the USSH in the future. Like the other four nations, you'll be allowed to choose the USSH when creating a new character, however, you cannot change your nation after creating a character.

You will be able to pilot ships of the USSH, as long as you pass the corresponding pilot license examinations.

Would the debri of destroyed ship(s) be used as a obstacle? Like using it as a barrier to prevent being fired upon, and maybe require a piercing weapon to shoot through hull of dead ship to attack enemy

In Second Galaxy, ships do not become wreckage after being destroyed, so they can't be used as obstacles, but your idea sounds really cool!

Question. This is just my cariosity, how did ypu guys come up with this idea, like what inspired it? For example how did you decided to come up with cruiser class, battleship class and ect idea?

We wanted to make a game that allowed players to pilot space ships and fight for sovereignty in space on one server. The classes evolved naturally through experimenting with a range of combat scenarios to identify specific roles on the battlefield.