Towers become available in Lost Ark from 302 GS, the first tower is called Shadespire. Shadespire consists of 50 floors for each completed floor you will receive a reward. In this guide you will find a description of all the floors of the tower and how to get through them.
Lost Ark Shadespire Floors 1-50

1-15 floors Shadespire

Floor 1 - Kill all monsters within the allotted time.

Floor 2 - Same as the first floor - kill all monsters.

Floor 3 - Kill the small crabs, then destroy the large crab.

Floor 4 - Kill all monsters.

Floor 5 - You need to kill the Boss, try not to touch the cocoons, Invulnerable monsters appear from the cocoons, which only interfere. Take the Boss away from the cocoon and kill him.

Floor 6 - Kill all monsters.

Floor 7 - Have time to kill all the monsters.

Floor 8 - Similarly, kill all mobs.

Floor 9 - There are monsters with a ranged attack, kill them first.

Floor 10 - We kill the boss, do not touch the flasks.

Floor 11 - We kill monsters with a long-range attack, then ordinary ones.

Floor 12 - Levers, one of them will allow us to go further. If you are lucky - super, no - a monster appears that needs to be killed.

Floor 13 - Invisible monsters, run and kill them.

Floor 14 - Lots of monsters around and the Boss, don't touch the monsters, just hit the boss.

Floor 15 - Boss and monsters, don't hit the boss, kill the monsters first. If you start to beat the boss, all the monsters will attack you.

16-20 Floors Shadespire

Floor 16 - Kill all monsters.

Floor 17 - Fast monsters, you need to kill everyone.

Floor 18 - Kill an easy Boss.

Floor 19 - We kill distant monsters, then the rest.

Floor 20 - Divided into 2 stages, the first boss and monsters, we kill everyone, the second stage is the boss and monsters, we kill only the Boss.

21-30 Floors Shadespire

Floor 21 - Simple monsters.

Floor 22 - Kill monsters.

Floor 23 - After the monsters, a strong Boss appears.

Floor 24 - It is necessary to destroy all the stones of the soul, an assistant angel will appear, our task is to survive, we run around.

Floor 25 - Hard floor, you need to kill the boss, the monsters around deal ranged damage.

Floor 26 - Kill all the archers.

Floor 27 - Kill all the monsters.

Floor 28 - We kill the monsters and the Boss, the second Boss will appear, kill him to go through the floor.

Floor 29 - We run away from the monsters, the monsters explode and cause a lot of damage.

Floor 30 - Two Bosses, dodge attacks and gradually kill them.

31-35 Floors Shadespire

Floor 31 - a lot of monsters, we kill gradually.

Floor 32 - Boss and monsters, kill the boss and monsters.

Floor 33 - Boss and distant monsters in a circle, run and kill the boss.

Floor 34 - Similar to the 29th floor, but a debuff has been imposed on the character - slowdown, dodge explosions.

Floor 35 - Kill the monsters, then the Boss, avoid the attacks of the boss.

36-40 Floors Shadespire

Floor 36 - Lots of monsters, then Boss.

Floor 37 - 2 bosses at once. The first with a hammer, the second with a flamethrower. We recommend killing the Boss with a flamethrower first.

Floor 38 - Boss and monsters, kill the boss.

Floor 39 - Hard floor. The first stage is the monsters and the Boss, we kill them. The second stage is a lot of monsters, we don’t touch them, we run, the Boss appears, we also run, if you stop, you will die. After a while, an Angel appears - he will kill all the monsters and the boss, if you want, you can help the Angel.

Floor 40 - Angel vs Demon. Help the Angel with damage, if you stand aside the Angel may die first and you will be left with the 1x1 boss.

41-45 Floors Shadespire

Floor 41 - We beat the boss, monsters appear over time, we avoid monsters and finish off the Boss.

Floor 42 - Difficult boss, avoid his jumps.

Floor 43 - Hard floor. We kill monsters in turn, a boss appears with strong attacks, we do not get distracted by monsters, we kill the boss.

Floor 44 - The floor is similar to 29 and 34 but monsters spawn on the floor that can only be jumped over. We jump, we run, we try to survive.

Floor 45 - Monsters then the Boss, the Boss will become invisible over time, then the whole screen is completely black, we are trying to find the boss by damage.

46-50 Floors Shadespire

Floor 46 - Portals appear on the floor from which monsters go. After that, a portal appears in the center from which the Boss exits. After a while, exploding monsters appear, we avoid them by running in a circle. Don't rush, there is enough time.

Floor 47 - Boss, over time, worms appear that impose a darkness debuff. We kill the boss in the dark.

Floor 48 - The most difficult floor according to our version. Below you will find a video walkthrough of this floor.

Floor 49 - The first wave - monsters, the second 4 elite monsters at the end the Boss appears. Avoid his attacks, especially the scythe throw. Toward the end, the boss will begin to summon his clones, our task is to dodge their attacks.

Floor 50 - Boss with strong AOE attacks. At the beginning, everything is simple - we avoid the attack, then fog appears and we do not see the attacks of the boss. We focus on the hands of the Boss - if the hands are raised up, then the boss is casting a blow. When the dark boss starts to cast a beam - avoid it by running around the boss.