September 5th, there was a presentation of Lineage 2M at which the gameplay of the game was presented as well as much more, which we will talk about in this article.

At the beginning of the presentation showed a drawn trailer for the game. In it we see a light elf who runs and flies in a wyvern around the world of L2, at the end of the video she flies up to Aden.

Starting from 4 minutes of the presentation, gameplay for a dagger person is shown, pay attention to the convenient minimal interface of the game.

Further in the presentation it is said that the developers decided to abandon the large list of skills in the PC version. Announced a combat mode of 1000x1000. They showed redesigned dances and the new Purple service that will allow you to play Lineage 2M on your computer.

Lineage 2M Preregistration

On September 5, pre-registration started. You can register on the official Lineage 2M website, to register you need a Korean phone number, all participants at the start will receive a gift in the form of an adena, soulshots and a commemorative ring.