In the game, in addition to the main quest, there are orange quests that can be taken from the statue or using scrolls. In this guide, we’ll talk about how to get these quests and their benefits.

Orange quests can be considered the main source of equipment and resources. By completing such quests, you can get various rewards: EXP, Adena, Einhasad blessing, resources, skill books, and even solid equipment.

The reward for such quests is usually divided into a 100% reward and one random item from a separate list. Some quests give only one of 5 items.

Lineage 2M Orange Quests

Ways to get orange quests

The first and most basic way to get orange quests is the Statue of Einhasad, which can be found in every city (except the starting one). The quality of quests increases from character level.

Lineage 2M Orange Quests

The second way is to use scrolls from the inventory that can be obtained through the main story quest or purchased in the game store.

In the game store in the exchange section, you can purchase quest scrolls for honor points or Adena. The limit on the purchase of these quests is reset every day.

Lineage 2M Orange Quests

Scrolls of quests from the Game Store

Using the second blue quest, you can get blue equipment, with the fourth quest you can get rare skill books, it is recommended to upgrade to the necessary items:

  • 1. Quest for Adena
  • 2. Equipment quest
  • 3. Trust quest
  • 4. Skill book quest

Scrolls for 70,000 adena give quests for resources. From the chest for 300,000 adena, you can choose one of 3 green scrolls.

Of all this, in our opinion, the most valuable is the 2 and 4 blue quest, we plan to carry them out daily.

Reset quest list

For Adena, you can reset the list of quests. You need to do this if you do not like the reward or the quest is too complicated. With each new reset, the price increases.

Statue quest limits

The statue issues 10 quests for each character level. That is, the limit is updated every new level, and not once a day, as many might have thought. We recommend not to rush with the passage of the main quest, it is better to gradually go through the quests of the statue at each level. This way you can quickly put on green gear and save resources.

Encountered Quests

Basically, on a quest to kill a certain number of monsters. But sometimes there are quests to complete which you will need to use a translator. For example, we met a quest: Sharpen equipment, use XP bottles, quests to kill mobs in a certain location, quests where you need to kill monsters that appeared when you kill certain mobs. If there are difficulties with the quest, you can refuse it or change.