In this article, you can find a way to install Lineage 2M on a PC..

In order to play Lineage 2M on the PC, you need to install an emulator, for this 2 option is to install the Purple emulator which is recommended by the Lineage 2M developers or use another emulator, for example, consider the LDPlayer option (LDPlayer developers released a new version of emulator 4.0 specially for launching Lineage 2M).

  • Purple can be downloaded here – Purple
  • LDPlayer can be downloaded from the official site – LDPlayer
How to download and install Lineage 2M

After installing the emulator, you need a Lineage 2M client. If Purple is installed, you need a special client that can be downloaded by link (thanks BTJ).

If LDPlayer was installed, just install the Lineage 2M APK file, you can do this with QooApp. Install QooApp and through the search we find 리니지2M - Lineage 2M in Korean.

There are two versions of the Lineage 2M game (12+ and 19+). Download the one that is suitable for age, it is also possible in version 19+ you will need to prove your age.

For the game, you may need some other actions that you can learn about only after starting Lineage 2M.