Hi, I'm Agigas, LoR master player almost since it was possible (I was the 16th player to hit EU master in beta), and peaked at rank 4 three times during beta (I popularized kinkou elusive the second time I did, sorry :D). I hope you will enjoy reading this guide about Spooky Karma as much as I enjoyed writing it !

I played Spooky Karma from Diamond 3 0lp to Master with a 20w-5l record, rank proof there :

Legends of Runeterra Deck Aggro Burn for beginners


Legends of Runeterra Deck Aggro Burn for beginners

Link - lor.mobalytics.gg

Let me say this first : If you're looking for quick games and grind the ladder as fast as you can, this deck is probably not for you. Most games take a very long time, in fact i killed my opponents by letting them draw their whole deck quite a few times. However, if you are looking to have epic games with tons of choices and possibilities, to improve with a powerful but complex deck, and you love karma, you're at the right place.

General gameplay and concepts :

This deck is a heavy control-oriented deck, you deal with all opponent's threats with your control package (Grasp of the Undying, Vengeance, Vile Feast, Withering Wail, Ruination, Thresh) and then in the late game you outvalue your opponent thanks to leveled Karma. This deck unlike most control decks doesn't have a clear way to kill your opponent, you'll have to create a win condition out of the value you made, and it's probably my favorite part.

One of the key things that gets you tons of value in the late game is using Karma's spell (Karma's Insight of Ages) with Karma on board. Not only will it give you 4 new spells in hand (and those will also get duplicated by Karma), but it will also create 2 new Karma in your deck ! It means that you have "infinite" Karma in your deck, and you can't lose by running out of cards. However, if you summon all your Karma, you won't have access to Karma's spell anymore (unless you manage to recall her with random spells or Will of Ionia), so consider keeping at least 1 Karma in your deck/hand.

Tips and tricks :

-Don't be afraid of taking a few damages, you have a lot of healing in your deck, your priority isn't to keep your hp always high but to keep it under control.

-Playing Karma early is often a good move, she can give you quite valuable spells and you can bring her back with Rekindler and Mist's call anyway. Try to play her when you know your opponent can't kill her this turn in order to get at least 1 spell.

-To play Ruination against Ionia decks without getting Deny, you can either play it with 13 mana and your own Deny in backup, or have a leveled Karma on board so there is 2 Ruination on the stack.

-Concussing Palm is an amazing spell because it punishes opponent for open attacking (fast speed stun) but also for not open attacking (stun + 3/2 blocker = deal with 2 attackers for only 1 spell).

-When you don't really see any way to kill your opponent without taking risks, consider letting them die to decking (drawing all their cards).

-You can use Solitary Monk to bounce Tail of the Dragon and/or Shadow Assassin to get back Concussive Palm and/or draw if you're not afraid of losing some tempo.


This is one of the things that makes me love this deck : you have a fair shot against everything, if you know how to play the matchup. Here are some tips for popular matchups !

Anti Aggro Burn (P&Z/NX Burn)

In this matchup you want every heal spell you can get, and be very conservative about your hp ! Vile Feast can help you a lot to get through the early game without losing too much, and Grasp of the Undying and Withering Wail will help stabilize your hp later. Be careful when you use Grasp of the Undying : if they use Noxian Fervor in answer you probably lose the game so try to find the right moment. Solitary Monk is a very good blocker because it kills Boomcrew Rookie and their 2/3.

Demacia :

Try to prevent them taking the board by using early trading, from turn 6 try to have enough mana for Ruination so they have to play around it, and wait for them to greed. In early game you want cost-efficient trading (not Withering Wail and Grasp of the Undying, the life gain isn't that relevant early and it's too slow), so Solitary Monk is very useful (blocks War Chiefs and bears), and Thresh is very important as well as ways to bring him back to life (Rekindler and Mist's Call). Vengeance is very important in the mid to late game against the Garen/Fiora version to kill their Garen or Cithria, however it is much less impactfull against the Miss Fortune/Quinn version. Vile Feast, Brood Awekening and Concussive Palm are all good tools to stall the game. If you can, keep your Will of Ionia in case they have Unyielding Spirit. If you get to the late game you should win.

Corina control :

In the early game they can go quite fast if they have Elise and Brood Awakening but don't worry about it too much : you have ways to deal with it, and the more cards they use to try to beat you down the less cards they'll have for the late game. The late game is quite tricky to play because their finishers Ledros and Corina will burn your hp so you have to keep getting value while controling your hp with your life gain spells. Remember that you can Deny Ledros and Corina's abilities if you don't feel like taking the hit. If you can, play around Atrocity. When they start playing only Ledros every turn because they don't have anything else to do, you can then out-tempo them and take the win. This matchup is very skill intensive but you won't die early, so if you play it right you will win the very vast majority of it.

Heimer Vi :

This matchup is all about tempo, your opponent will not constantly develop board like a midrange deck would do, but they will have "big turns" with Heimerdinger where they get a lot of board out of nowhere. As long as you have a plan to avoid getting out-tempo too much by their big turn you should win, they have a lot value thanks to Heimerdinger and Progress Day but you are the value king. Withering Wail is very valuable against Heimerdinger turrets. Don't run into their Deny. When they play their big turn it's often wrong to try to remove Heimerdinger with Grasp of the Undying, because they'll often have a spell to protect him and you'll get out-tempo-ed by the turrets, so focus on protecting yourself from getting beat down by turrets in priority. Once you have a leveled Karma their deny becomes much less valuable since your spells are duplicated.

Spider Endure :

THRESH ! Their whole deck is about having a lot of creatures dying to buff They Who Endure, and they often don't have a lot (if any) removal for Thresh, so he will basicly level up every game you play him early. Withering Weil is very good at cleaning their board. In the late game, they will play a big They Who Endure and pressure you to kill it so they can Atrocity in response. You need to always have an answer for Atrocity (Vengeance, Will of Ionia or Deny, or even life gain if it gets you out of reach), Concussive Palm is very good to relieve the pressure without commiting too much mana or key cards.

These are the matchups I played the most, if you have any questions about it or another matchup ask me in the comments in reddit and I'll answer you as best as I can !

That's it for me, I hope that you enjoyed this read and learnt something about Spooky Karma. Any feedback is highly appreciated, Thanks for reading me ! :)