I tried to complete all the location puzzles of The Xianzhou Luofu. An important point some puzzles appear after collecting all (Hexanexus). Some are updated the next day. In this guide, I will try to show the sequence, as well as a video of the solution to all the puzzles.

Let's start simple, just complete all the puzzles in the locations:

Then, after completing all Hexanexus (15 pieces), you need to go through all the locations again and complete another 15 Hexanexus of increased difficulty:

Puzzles that are updated every day:

Mutare Magnus in location Divination Commission:

Navigation Compass Timetable в локации Cloudford:

Luminflux Pyxis в локации Artisanship Commission

I think this is not the end and the next day we will get new puzzles.

To be continued...

Honkai: Star Rail All Puzzle The Xianzhou Luofu