Many questions about Guild Dungeons. Let's try to make out partially in this guide.

At the moment there are 3 types of dungeon with two levels of difficulty (Normal and Adventure):

Twilight Council (N) – Minimum character level 33, Gear 30.

Twilight Council Guild Dungeons

Altar of Eldora (N) – Minimum character level 48, Gear 45.

Altar of Eldora Guild Dungeons

Edeon Ruins (N) – Minimum character level 60, Gear 80.

Edeon Ruins Guild Dungeons

How to take part in the Guild Dungeons

Plan and run Dunge can only leader of the guild and deputies. If you are a regular member of the Guild, you need to go to the Dungeon> Guild tab at the appointed time and apply. You can only apply when the leader or deputy has launched a dungeon.

After you have submitted an application, wait for an invitation from the leader, accepting you will appear in the dungeon.

Guild Dungeons

Frequently asked Questions

Why can't I apply?

There are several reasons: If the button is gray, most likely you do not match the level or the dungeon is not at all started.

If you see the message: “Sorry! The dungeon is a group of groups to activate. Please try again later. ”- Dungeon time has come, but the leader has not yet started. Waiting for dungeon activation.

Why am I not listed?

First you must submit an application, then if there is a place the leader will invite you. Without submitting your application, your nickname will not be listed.

Why not collect the party in advance?

In this danzh it makes no sense to collect the party in advance, to participate in it is possible only by invitation. Therefore, do not ask for a party. Just apply and the leader will invite you.

Where does the drop from RB?

All drop goes to auction. Each member of the guild (even if he did not participate in the raid) can redeem the item. Money received from the sale of the subject, are divided between the participants of the Raid.

How many times can you participate in Guild Dungeons?

Each member of the guild can participate 3/3/2 times a week. The number of remaining attempts can be found in the description of the Boss.

Based on this, you should not be upset if you did not get to the boss today. You can easily do it on another day during the week.

Guild Dungeons