Planetary Production in Eve Echoes is passive income. On planets, you can mine materials to create ships and components. In this guide, you will find tips on how to drop a container and what materials to get.

Planetary Production where to start

Open the Planetary Production section of the menu. Before you will be a list of planets from the sector in which you are located, on the right you will find a list of minerals that can be mined on this planet.

Eve Echoes Planetary Production

After selecting the planet and the required mineral, press the button Place mining complex > Drilling settings and select how many drills on which mineral to install.

Eve Echoes Planetary Production

After the timer has started its report. Increase it to 24 hours. If you are unable to pick up the Mineral Container now, you can extend the drill timer until you collect the planetary materials or until the container is full.

Eve Echoes Planetary Production

Dumping Mineral Container

After dropping the container, you need to move to this planet and pick it up. If your planet is in an unsafe system, your container can be taken by any player. Therefore, we recommend that you first move to the planet where minerals are mined, make sure that no one is around, and only then discard the container.

What minerals to mine Planetary Production

Focus on the market and the minerals you need. For example, at the start of the game, the following Planetary Minerals are needed to create 5 ships:

Eve Echoes Planetary Production

What skills increase Planetary Production

To increase planetary production. Learn the Planetology skill. If you raise the skill from 3 to 4 levels You can mine on two planets at once, this will increase your income 2 times.

Eve Echoes Планетарная добыча