In this guide, you will learn how to process ore. How many minerals can be obtained by reprocessing ore.

How to process ore

To recycle, open your inventory, click on the unprocessed ore and click "Start reprocessing". Please note that in order to start reprocessing, you need to have more than 100 ore in your inventory.

Eve Echoes Ore reprocessing spreadsheet

Ore reprocessing spreadsheet

Below you will find a list of the minerals obtained and their amount when reprocessing 100 ore, without reprocessing skills.

  • Veldspar – Tritanium(124)
  • Scordite - Tritanium(48), Pyerite(34)
  • Pyroxeres - Tritanium(526), Pyerite(168), Mexallion(75), Nocxium(9)
  • Plagioclase - Tritanium(15), Pyerite(19), Mexallion(29)
  • Omber - Tritanium(180), Pyerite(22), Isogen(16)
  • Kernite - Tritanium(83), Mexallion(151), Isogen(15)
  • Jaspet - Mexallion(738), Nocxium(14), Zydrine(16)
  • Hemorphite - Tritanium(1650), Isogen(48), Nocxium(3), Zydrine(15)
  • Hedbergite - Pyerite(819), Isogen(138), Nocxium(2), Zydrine(4)
  • Spodumain - Tritanium(5910), Pyerite(1122), Mexallion(108), Isogen(18)
  • Dark Ochre - Tritanium(288), Isogen(16), Nocxium(12)
  • Gneiss - Pyerite(264), Mexallion(276), Isogen(55)
  • Crokite - Tritanium(11640), Nocxium(28), Zydrine(28)
  • Bistot - Pyerite(1836), Zydrine(10), Megacyte(23)
  • Arkonor - Tritanium(2640), Mexallion(300), Megacyte(31)
  • Mercoxit – Morphite(18)