In this guide you will find answers to the questions of Salon of Wisdom and The Brain in the game Dragon Raja

The famous Hundred Years’ War in Europe was a conflict between…

England and France

Which statement about the extra rewards that team leaders can get is correct?

All of the above

Which power does the Disciplinarian in a club have?

Ban from posting

Which statement about Stored EXP is wrong?

Server level doesn't increase it

What is the goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology?


The Earth's surface area is…

510 million km2

In Norse mythology, the Hall of the Slain was called…


Which drink can increase warmth?

Oolong tea

What can't you do when silenced?

Use class skills

The world's largest plain is…

Amazon Plain

What is not shown in other players' profiles?

Zodiac sign

Which is not an effect of Blood Rage?

More EXP

Which was composed by Tchaikovsky?


What is the effect of the attribute “Multistrike” on Multi Skills?

More likely to activate

Which panel allows you to access your mailbox?


What should you do when receiving harassing messages?

Add to blacklist

When will a new pet form be unlocked?

When a pet evolves

The city with the most bridges in the world is…


Which is the main cause of tides?

Moon's gravity

Which is not a pet form?

Final form

What is Luminous' power word?


What should you do when Frozen?

Tap QTE button

How many pets are there in terms of attributes?


How many sigils can the player study?


How do you use multiple ally EXP potions at a time to level up an ally?


Which art style was the famous painter Picasso known for?


The world's first postage stamp was made in…


Which type of living things has the largest population in the ocean?


What should you do when you see a cheater?

Report the cheater

Which is not a feature of the Blade Master class?

Can attack from a distance

The Hydras' dragon bloodline is passed down from…

The Light King

Dr. Herzog's research in Black Swan Bay centers on…

Dragons, hybrids

What should you do if you miss out on an event?

Claim the rewards on Make Up screen the next day

The god of all gods in Norse mythology was…


The world's largest coffee producer is…


Which type of aircrafts does the US military aircraft code “F” refer to?


Which type of stress-relief orders do your teammates need to receive so that you can get Assisting rewards?

Defeating monsters

Which power does the recruitment director in a club have?

Create and post recruitment ads

How many allies can you set as main battle partners?


What year was the Nobel Prize in Literature awarded for the first time?


Which description of the stable status is correct?

Leader gets exclusive supply when in stable status

At what level will portable warehouse become available to the player?


Where is the pyramid of the moon?


Where is the Louvre museum?


Where do you tap to expand the chat box?

Top right corner of the chat box

In China, the month of Chrysanthemum refers to…


What is the maximum number of pets you can add to a pet squad to help you fight?


Which panel shows the weather forecast for the next 24 hours?


Which molecule protects the lives on Earth by absorbing ultraviolet radiation?


If you can't beat a monster in Tick Tock Anxiety, you should…

Tap request for support on Tick Tock Anxiety screen

Who can you recruit to be Lucky Allies?

All of the above

Which elemental attack is more important to the Executioner class?


Which statement about Friendship points is correct?

Team up with a player (Friendship > 800)

The sculptures of US presidents on Mount Rushmore do not include…

Franklin Roosevelt

A main quest's EXP will start dropping only when your character's level exceed the quest's by…


What period were Mozart and Haydn iconic composers of?


The double arrows above the Combat Assist button is used to…

Switch targets

Which waterway connects the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean?

Strait of Malacca

In Norse mythology, Heimdallr was hailed as…

Guardian of Gods

Which is not the item you can get by disassembling allies?

Secret commands

"Nibelungen" in Norse mythologymeans

Realm of the deaths

Who is prototype of poker Q?


Which is a right description of summoned pets?

You can tap to interact with it

Which statement about Vitality is correct?

All of the above

You can enter an EVA's Assisted Training Center that is __ level tier(s) higher than you.


Which statement about Endurance is wrong?

Jumping consumes Endurance

When a main quest EXP starts dropping, what color will be the quest level?


Q. Which type of Allies can convert their stats into player's stats?

A. All Allies

Which is not one of the 3 masterpieces by Leo Tolstoy?

Les Miserables

What pets can transfer a fixed percentage of their stats to the player?

All pets

Who is dubbed as the ancestor of dragons and created the Four Lords?


At Lv.60, what is the maximum number of gifts you can get from other players each day


Which statement about Friendship Points is wrong?

Can be obtained only by teaming up with friends.

Which plant is dubbed as the “plant panda”?


Which bird flew the longest distance on record?

Arctic Tern

Which power word can create blazing flames that can melt metal?

Royal Fire

What is the maximum number of system mails that you can receive?


Where can you check the opening hours of each event?

Calendar in Events

Aside from the default friend group, how many more friend groups can you create?


How many high-quality prefixes does a piece of equipment need to have to activate set stats?


Which Shakespearean play is also known as “The Prince of Denmark”?


Which description of EVA’s Assisted Training Center is wrong?

Infinite rewards

When can the Main Battle Partner’s Ultimate Skill be triggered?

When attacking

Where can you check your Vitality?


Which planet has the most moons?


Where is Black Swan Bay?


Where can you change your avatar and avatar frame?


Who wrote “If winter comes, can spring be far behind”?


The world's largest landlocked state is…


Which continent has the most wind resources?


The largest desert in the world is…

Sahara desert

Which power word can cut through all unauthorized living things in an area?


If you didn't receive the items you bought, what should you do?

Receive manually on the Top-Up screen

Which item can unlock outfit color blocks?

Paint card

Which writer had not been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature?

Lu Xun

When he gets into college, Finger Von Frings is…

Grade A

Which cheating code does Luminous use to bid for Seven Deadly Sins in the auction?

Show me the money

Which action may cause a pet to cast a skill in battle?


What year did the United States land on the moon?


Dash allows you to…

All of the above

Which statement about appointing a Main Battle Partner is wrong?

Can be changed anytime in battle

When your inventory is full, how many days can you store extra items in Temporary Package?


What decides the rewards you gain when teaming up with other players in most daily events?

Player's level

What rewards can you get at EVA's Assisted Training Center?

All of the above

Which is the longest river in Europe?


What is the maximum number of Assisting Points you can get each day?


Which statement about Leader's Badge is wrong?

Available at EVA's Assisted Training Center

Who is the protagonist in Homer's epic poem Odyssey?


What percentage of Allies' Stats can be transferred to the player?


Which language did the word “salon” come from?


How do you gain Perfect Memory points?

Play the story

For easier observation of celestial bodies through a telescope, the roofs of observatories are designed to be…

A dome

The highest mountain in the alps is…

Mont Blanc

How useful is MATK to the Blade Master class?


What did Tagore win the Nobel Prize in Literature for?


Which is the largest island in Europe?

Great Britain

Johann Chu forcibly enhances his Talent through…

Blood Rage

The southernmost country in the world is…


The world's most low-lying country is…


What is the maximum number of Friendship Points you can get each day?

No limit

Which city has a statue of the mermaid in “The Little Mermaid” written by Andersen?


What stats does ally bond increases?

Ally's stats

Which elemental attack is more important to the Blade Master class?


The world famous Taj Mahal is located in…


Which is the longest organ in the human digestive tract?

Small intestine

What does vision do?

Reveals object

What does not decide the number of ingredients by gathering and the amount of Proficiency you get?

Cooking level

Which is fermented tea?

Black tea

What is the temperature of the ice-water mixture?


In Norse mythology, what price did Odin pay for drinking from the fountain of wisdom?

An eye

Which elemental attack is more important to the Gunslinger class?


What are the wings of the airplane used for?

This adds to the lift

The world's smallest country is…


How do you appoint a new leader?

Tap “T” at the top right corner, then Transfer

Middens are historical remains of…

Domestic waste

Which is not one of the Four Great Inventions of China?


Which kind of sports highest honor is the Trophy?


Where can you check your PvP points?


How many types of pets are there in terms of attributes?


Which career action can get you diamonds?

Cooking and making products

How many times in a row can you dodge at full endurance?


What is needed to refit a motor?

All of the above

Which musical instrument is nicknamed “axe”?


Who composed the waltz “The Blue Danube”?

Johann Strauss

When can you irrigate the Wishing Tree?

Saturday, Sunday

What info can you see on the Package screen?

CHAR score

Which is one of Mai Sakatoku's swords?


Who is the founder of Cassell College?


How do you increase Bond Points?

Team up and fight

Scurvy is the result from a lack of…

Vitamin C

Which is not a professor at Cassell College?

Koshi Uesugi

Who is the prototype of poker Q?


Who is Sphinx in the Riddle of Sphinx?

A female monster

Where was Andersen, who is dubbed as the “King of Fairy Tales,” from?


Which power does the battle leader in a club have?

Command in Club contests

Cuckoos don't make nests but lay eggs in…

Other birds' nests

Which composer was dubbed as “The Waltz King”?

Johann Strauss

Where is the Statue of Liberty?

New York Harbor

Which continent is least populated?


How do you start training at EVA's Assisted Training Center?

Tap “Training” to the right of your avatar

How do you climb a wall while dashing?

Keep pushing the joystick while dashing

Which statement about Reserve HP is correct?

All of the above

In the history of philosophy, who said “Man is the measure of all things”?


Who should you dispatch to improve your rating?

Allies who meet the requirements

If somebody told you that you've won a prize and needed your personal details, you should…

Not give them

How do you access the Team screen?

Tap “T” at the top right corner of the main screen

The largest cell in the human body is…

Egg cell

Which of the following famous palaces is located in the United Kingdom?

Buckingham Palace

What should you do when self-proclaimed staff asked for your account?


Ice skating was first intended to be…


Which description of the Stable Status is wrong?

Team enters Stable Status when all members online

How do you earn rewards more efficiently on EVA's Assisted Training Center?

Team up

What does the attribute “Cooldown reduction” do?

Reduce skill CD

How do you receive Zone Gifts placed by your friends?

To their moments

Which is not a feature of the Gunslinger class?

Has 2 stances

At which level can you activate Grade A talent?

Level 55

Which is the highest level of Talent that can be activated?

Grade S

What colors can dogs see?

Black, white, gray

Which is not a potential consequence of Blood Rage?

Become pure dragon

Which was not one of the 3 greatest poets in the 19th century's Britain?


What decides the number of ingredients by gathering and the amount of Proficiency you get?

All of the above

Which waterway connects North America and Asia?

Bering Strait

Deer velvet is made from immature…

Deer antlers

The Pulitzer Prize is an award related to…

Journalism, Culture

Which power does the News Editor in a Club have?

Write Club status

Luminous gives 1/4 of his life to Ming-Z-Lu for the first time to…

Save NoNo

Black Swan Bay is destroyed by…

Herzog, Bondarev

How do you let an Ally assist you in battle?

Set as main battle partner

Which is the largest peninsula in Europe?

Northern Europe

Who adapted “Camille” written by Dumas into an opera?


Who wrote “A real poet suffers involuntarily as he himself burns and he burns others”?


What should you do when Petrified?

Tap QTE button

Which Power Word allows the user to unleash windblades to cut down enemies?

Blood Scythe

Which item can unlock color blocks for spraying motors?

Paint can

When your level is higher than the Server Level, which event will grant you less EXP?

Dragon Hunting Team

How do you acquire Draconics?

All of the above

Through what do dandelions spread their seeds?


The chat box at the bottom left of the screen doesn't show all messages. How do you open the chat screen?

Tap chat box

Which statement about reading is wrong?

You can only read in the Library

Which statement about the states of Cores is wrong?

Changing your class will lower Cores' stats

How many times in a row can you perform Aerial Dash at full endurance?


Which is the favorite food of Fenrir, the Lord of Earth and Mountain?


How many bones are in the adult human body?


What is the maximum number of potential chips a pet can have?


How do you initiate Hug Me when riding?

All of the above

How many times can you claim Flower Tickets each day?


Vitality can be used to…

Send a global message

What is the minimum prefix quality required to activate prefix sets?


What reward(s) will you possibly get when your Store levels up?

All of the above

How many Dragon Hunt AP does the college give each day?


Dinosaurs were a type of…


In the troposphere, how much does the temperature drop for each 100m rise in elevation?

0.6º C

“Nibelungen” in Norse mythology means…

Realm of the dead

Vampires originated from an animal, which is

A bat