CBT Diablo Immortal launched on October 29, CBT is available in Australia and Canada. In this guide, you will find out how to play Diablo Immortal from other countries.

VPN download

A VPN is required to install and log into Diablo Immortal for the first time. Any VPN can be used. We used VPN Australia.

Installing Diablo Immortal

We recommend installing Diablo Immortal from Google Play. To do this, go under VPN on Google Play and search for Diablo Immortal. Select a game and disconnect VPN before clicking Install.

If you don't have an Install button:

  • - We created a new Google account and entered Google Play under it.
  • - It is also recommended to change the region to Australia in Settings> Advanced settings

Diablo Immortal Failed to log in. Please check connection and try again

Account login error, due to the wrong version of the game. Most likely you did not download the game on Google Play.

CBT Diablo Immortal How to download and install?