This guide will be primarily interesting to those who want to play not only from phones or tablets, but also from a PC or laptop. Although the game is intended for mobile devices, it’s not prohibited to use emulators, at least officially. Developers only warn that they do not guarantee the valid working of the game on them (there may be problems with not launching client, crashes, etc.)

First, let's figure out what an emulator is

The emulator is a special program on the PC that serves to simulate the operation of the Android system, without losing functionality and distorting the results. To date, there are more than ten varieties of such programs, some more, some less popular. They are designed for different tasks, have a different set of capabilities, have their own advantages and disadvantages.

    Let us dwell on the minimum characteristics of the PC, on which the emulator can already be installed.
  • RAM - must be at least 4 GB. You will need to allocate enough memory for the emulator itself, otherwise you will get a lag emulator on the lagging computer.
  • The processor must support virtualization technology.
  • For emulator’s correct work, it is recommended to install the latest drivers for the video card. For any problems with the displaying - you need to check the emulator version and driver version.
Overview of Android Emulators

Let's focus on the five most popular emulators in our opinion.


The least popular emulator of our five. Of the advantages - users note its low resource consumption, which makes it a good solution for weak computers.

    Of the main features, the following can be listed:
  • - Choice of screen orientation (horizontal and vertical).
  • - Support for 3D acceleration.
  • - Works on almost any Windows (7.8 or 10).


An emulator created by Chinese developers, it is not very popular among our users. One of the important features of this emulator is that users can independently set the necessary parameters of the emulated device in the settings, which is sometimes very useful.

  • - GPS simulation.
  • - Synchronized file access between Windows and Android.
  • - Installing the APK with a simple drag and drop.
  • - Running multiple Android at the same time.
    Possible Contras:
  • - There are user’s complaints that this emulator does not start if some types of antivirus programs are installed on the PC (e.g. Avast).
  • - After the program is closed, processes that need to be manually disabled remain in memory.

3. Bluestacks

Opens our three leaders one of the most popular emulators among gamers - Bluestacks. To work, just install and run the program, and then create or log in to your Google account. After that, you can install and run almost any games and applications for Android.

  • - Streaming mod
  • - Ability to choose a device to emulate
  • - The ability to select characteristics for your system (up to 8 cores, up to 4 GB of RAM)
  • - Ability to choose DirectX, OpenGL, beta engine
  • - Resource intensity


A good Chinese emulator with high speed and stability. And also, in comparison with similar programs, it is a more compact and convenient way to emulate.

    Основные преимущества:
  • - Transfer files from your computer to the emulator (and vice versa) with a simple drag and drop file.
  • - Convenient, customizable controls.
  • - In earlier versions, there were errors with graphics (poor rendering)

1.LD Player (Momo)

LDPlayer is a free and powerful emulator for android on PC. You can play popular mobile games on your PC using the LDPlayer emulator. It supports a wide range of compatibility when launching high-performance mobile games with a high level of graphics on a PC. Thanks to its versatile design and convenient settings, LDPlayer works better than a real phone.

In more detail about our winner, namely - settings, common problems and their solutions - we will consider in a separate guide.