In the last review, we looked at what an emulator is and we also promised to analyze the configuration of our favorite emulator, LD Player, also known as MOMO. This emulator is constantly updated, so do not be surprised if by the time you study this guide its appearance may change, new functions will appear or existing ones will change.

Installation / Upgrade

Even a novice user can handle the installation. You just need to download the EXE file from the official page and double-click on it, indicating the installation path.

After installing the application, you will need to log in with your Google account or create a new account if you do not have one.

After that, you can go to the Google Play or any other Market and install the game you need, or install the apk downloaded from any resource. To do this, just grab the APK file with the mouse and release it on the active window of your emulator. Then wait a bit - and the apk will be installed.

If you want to check for updates - you need to click on this button and if there are updates available - download. In this case, all your installed games and applications will remain in place.

Overview of android emulator LDplayer

This emulator has many useful features situated on the right bar, such as settings, key mapping, volume, multiwindow, screenshot, record video, gps settings, screen rotation and basic back home and task buttons.


Let's move on to setting up to turn all the most important menu items.

!Important! For most of the changes you need to restart the emulator!

In order to get into the settings, you need to click the gear icon.


Here you can set the desired features for the emulator. Do not forget to correlate them with the capabilities of your system!

If you will use only 1 window, i would suggest you using half of your PC resources for better results, for ex your pc has 4 cores and 8gb of ram (Put 2 cores and 4gb of ram in your settings and you will be just fine)

Overview of android emulator LDplayer


Here the most important is language, select english or whichever you feel comfortable with. Other settings are optional.

Overview of android emulator LDplayer


Here you can choose the type of emulated device. The choice is possible both from the list and by manual entry. We recommend that you select Google Pixel 2 for the ability to unlock maximum graphics capabilities in Black Desert Mobile.

Overview of android emulator LDplayer

Network and Shortcuts

There is nothing particularly important in these sections; you can leave everything by default, but if you for some reason want to disable network in your emulator, you can do so here.

Game settings

In this section, you can configure graphical components of some games, like resolution, fps and some HD graphics.. Please note that some of these settings apply only to individual games.

Overview of android emulator LDplayer

The solution to possible problems

If you have questions or difficulties, you can always check FAQ on developer site, link below, or contact us in our social networks or discord.